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Denril® Announcement


Saying Goodbye is Never Easy...

Grumbacher® MOTO

This is the closest match to Denril as far as performance goes.  Like Denril, it's a Polypropylene Film that works well with fluid media.  The main difference is that MOTO is an opaque sheet, whereas Denril had a frosted, semi-transparency. 

Denril Multi-Media Polypropylene Film was discontinued in 2021 due to permanent supply chain issues brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been a favorite product within the Borden & Riley family of papers, and has offered artists a multitude of uses over its lifetime.  While we do not have a one-for-one replacement for Denril, we can suggest a few options across Chartpak's brands that may meet your artistic needs. 


Clearprint® Vellum

Clearprint has a wide variety of transparent vellum papers. The heavy vellum sheet handles markers and some fluid media like gouache and acrylic. The 1000H Series of Clearprint is a lighter sheet made from 100% cotton, making it very strong.  Many types of dry and fluid media are compatible with Clearprint. Because this is a paper and not a film, the open time for fluid media is shorter on Vellum than Denril.


Borden & Riley® Boris Marker Paper

Similar in Transparency to Denril, Boris Marker Paper is great for use with all types of markers. Guides can be seen through the sheet making it a useful paper for hand lettering and calligraphy. Resists feathering and bleeding while keeping lines crisp and colors vibrant. Boris is not great for heavy applications of fluid media.

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