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Since 1910, Borden & Riley has built a loyal grassroots following for its specialty artist paper products. Generations of fine artists, illustrators, 
calligraphers, and drafters have been introduced to these specialized papers unique to their craft. 

Borden & Riley has a long history of paper manufacturing in New York City. In 2018, the Woodward family of Queens, NY passed the baton of stewardship to Chartpak, and the Borden & Riley company joined our family of brands. We continue to maintain the standards set by the founders of this favored brand of paper and continue pad and roll production in the US within our Leeds, Massachusetts facilities.

Learn more about Chartpak through our corporate site, our outreach projects, and our other brands of art materials.


Brett Kelley lives and works in Western Massachusetts and is a resident artist at Chartpak, the parent company of Borden & Riley.

He's skilled at fine detail and a master with markers and penwork. A true creative, Brett is also a horror make-up artist, creates tattoo designs, comic book illustrations, storyboarding, concept art, fine art, and stand-up comedy. 

Brett has done extensive evaluations on the tracing papers and vellums, bristols, marker papers, and Paris Paper for Pens. You'll find his artwork on the 2020 editions of these pad covers.





Diana Waldon is based in Western Massachusetts and graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


For over 20 years, Diana has enjoyed drawing, painting, and experimenting with different forms of visual media.

Diana has done extensive evaluations on the 10 Penny Sketch Paper, Denril, 116 Artist Drawing Paper, and 840 Kraft using a wide range of media from Borden & Riley's sister brands under the Chartpak company. 

Diana Waldon

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